Good to know

Your interview

Why this research?


When a company wants to sell a medicinal product, authorities state that information about the medicine should be communicated clearly to the patient.

It has to be sure that the information is understood by the ‘average consumer’, that’s you.

To proof this, a so called readability test has to be conducted by a third party. That’s us, Knowhownow.

So, we are not testing you, you are testing the leaflet.


What to expect?


You can always refer to the leaflet.

We will ask you 12-14 questions about the leaflet such as :

“Can a pregnant lady use it?”

We would like you to do two things:

1) give the answer in your own words (if possible)


2) mention the location where you found the information.  

The total duration is about 10 minutes.

You will meet both Anna and Jasper in Teams.

We will ask you for your consent to record the interview.

Please note


In case you can’t keep your appointment, you can ask a housemate or somebody else to join, please make sure they read the leaflet and inform us via