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Readability user test : Legimate and clever testdesigns to save you costs conducting your readability user test. Deploy focus tests and bridging wherever possible.

Readability User Test

Knowhownow – readability user test professionals since 2006

Readability user test Leesbaarheidstest Lesbarkeitstest Test di leggibilità Teste de lisibilité Läsbarhet testet

Knowhownow is a European Group of Readability testers, based in the Netherlands. Since 2006, we have guided over 1000 package leaflets to submission. Knowhownow conducts your readability test in the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and the Netherlands. We are well known for our state of the art quality and flexibility. We conduct our readability tests on patient instruction leaflets by guidelines issued by MhrA, EMA, AIFA, CBG-MEB, PEI, Bfarm, MSNA, FAGG.

Furthermore we have quite a track record concerning our success rate: 100% of our tests have been validated by various authorities. We continue to receive sincere compliments from the authorities on the quality of our extended reports.

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New location European medicine Agency

Knowhownow is situated only one hour drive form EMA’s post-Brexit location in Amsterdam.

New location EMA

New location European medicine Agency Please note Knowhownow is situated only one hour drive form EMA's post-Brexit location in Amsterdam. Vivaldi, Zuidlaan....

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Since we all stand for save usage of medicines, we decided to start publishing our knowledge-database in a blog. It is loaded with valuable information on how people read and look for information. Use it, it contains raw data straight from the source: people without any medical knowledge. People using your products.

Congratulations to our 6-years old contribution to Wikipedia on the readability subject

Why Knowhownow

  • In service pre-recommendations on PiL
  • In service screening for cost-effective alternatives : bridging study, focus test
  • Validated, reliable readability user testing
  • Final report in English ready for submission
  • Respectable track record
  • Testing in Sweden, UK, Germany, France, Belgiun, The Netherlands and Italy


Experience since 2006


Tested Leaflets


Success rate

We have tested the Full Product Range for:

For a readability test find our fieldwork sites in


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United Kingdom: London, Bishops Stordford


France: Colmar

Italy: Milan


 SwedenUmeå, Malmö


Germany: Kleve


The Netherlands: Nijmegen, Mook


Belgium: Liege

National authorities dealing with readability test

Netherlands: Leesbaarheidstest CbG-MeB www.cbg-meb.nl
Germany: Lesbarkeitstest Bfarm http://www.bfarm.de/
Denmark: læsbarhed test Danish Health and Medicines Authority www.laegemiddelstyrelsen.dk
France: test de lisibilité ANSM ansm.sante.fr
Finnland: luettavuus testi Fimea www.fimea.fi
IrEland: Readability test HPRA www.hpra.ie
Italy: test di leggibilità AIFA www.agenziafarmaco.it
Norway: lesbarhet test Norwegian Medicines www.legemiddelverket.no
Spain: test de legibilidad SAMH www.aemps.gob.es
Sweden: läsbarhet testet Medical Products Agency www.lakemedelsverket.se
UK: Readability test MHRA www.mhra.gov.uk