Discernment test


A discernment test is applicable when a product range is extended. Manufacturers are required to prove sufficient discernability between the existing product(s) and the new products. This is done via a so-called discernment test.

The test mimics a retail situation whereby a (potential) customer is asked to make a choice based on the (front of the) packs. The most important criteria on which the packs are to be distinguished are addressed during the interview.

The main objectives of this diagnostic discernment test are:

  • To assess whether consumers can differentiate between the currently marketed version of a product and the new version of the product.
  • The specific objectives were to assess the consumers’ ability to differentiate between the pack based on the aspects displayed below.

The results should lead to implementation of changes to the packaging of the new pack in order to improve consumers’ ability to discern on its’ indication, composition, content of the pack and form (if required).


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discernment test

“The Alka ones are for your dry january headaches aren’t they? That’s how you can tell, the white on dark blue”

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