Readability professionals

Knowhownow is a group of readability professionals who have been consulting in readability tests for a period of 16 years. Owners are drs. Jasper Moll and drs. Anna van Wezel. Their background is psycho-linguistics and international business. After having worked in the field of medical market research, they started their own business with a focus on readability tests. Mr. drs. Moll and Mrs. drs. van Wezel have over 10 years of experience with RUT’s.

Since 2013 Knowhownow offers readability tests in over 7 countries. All our interviewers are native speakers, who have received an in-depth training by senior consultants, both theoretical and on-the-job.

Are you looking for an experienced sub-contractor for readability user testings? Our company has successfully performed many readability projects in the whole of Europe. Also, our pricing is interesting, please ask for a quick quotation.  We always try to combine tests (bridging) in a smart and cost-effective way. Timing does not exceed 7 weeks from A (sending us the Word text) to Z (submission to authority concerned).

The study report is in English language. We continue to receive sincere compliments from the authorities on the quality of our extended reports. Most of our clients prefer English reports but should it be needed in your local language, this can be provided. All of our readability tests have been accepted by the authorities. Our fieldwork conducted is performed in accordance with current EU code of conduct and the ICC/ESOMAR Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice.