Readability User Test projects for our Clients


We are proud of our list of clients we performed Readability User Test projects for. We are happy to provide your with names at our clients for a personal reference.

In the past 10 years we performed readability tests / RUT projects for: Sanofi, Ferring BV , DADA consultancy, Novartis België, AstraZeneca België, Janssen-Cilag, Bioprojet, Laboratoria Qualiphar, Therabel, Almirall België, Reckitt Benckiser België en Parexel Freiburg. In Europa werken wij verder voor Steigerwald, Bausch & Lomb, Warner Chilcott, Pharmachemie, Jenapharm, PB Pharma, Grünwalder Gesundheitsprodukte, Boehringer België, Parexel Paris, ERA Consultancy UK, Fresenius Kabi, GlaxoSmithKline, Leo Pharma, MDS Nordion, Nycomed, Pharmachemie, Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals, Merck, Air Liquide, UCB Pharma, Mepha, Farma APS Produtos Farmaceuticos, Recordati, Allergan, Epicent, MSD, Celgene, Chiesi, BioPartners, Medboom BV,  Thea, Chiron, Biocodex, Laboratoires Fournier, Novartis Vaccins and Diagnostics, Vifor, Wyeth, Basic Pharma,  The Medicines Company.

Local reference

We love to provide you with reference people out of your own market. After all, it’s best if you hear from them about quality, reliability, excellent and pleasurable service. Just let us know.

RUT projects


Most clients deploy our readability services for summission purposes (module 1.3.4), but also we perform readability projects for quality assurance purposes solely.

KHN provides: Professional readability tests conform EU guidelines and national guidelines,

  • Reporting, in submission-ready format,
  • Mock-up design and printing,
  • All our services are approved by your local authorities.

Fieldwork is conducted in The UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.


Readability User Test RUT projects


We are a consulting company active in the field of readability testing. We are highly  specialized in cost effective solutions for your readability testings. May we quote for you when Readability testing is applicable to you? May we also check for you if bridging is a possibility? Because naturally, bridging is a very budget friendly solution and –provided it is prepared professionally- always accepted by your local authority.