Pack test

Pack test – discernment – concept testing
Our goal of package testing is to assess the readability of the newly developed packaging, including a general impression.
Our test-design identifies problems regarding the comprehensibility and usefulness of information on the package or carton and offers room to implement changes onto the package in order to minimise confusion and errors.
This can be done on new packages, but also within the scope of a so-called discernment study.
A pack test by KHN can be submitted to the CBG in to provide additional support the packaging is readability. (please read guideline)

Pack test

Validates usefulness and comprehensability of the information on the carton

pack test KHN

Discernment test

Validates distinctiveness of new application / strength / dosage regimen on the new carton

Concept test

Assesses overall appreciation of a package

Your pack test in 4 steps

Steps during a pack test study (a discernment study in this case)

The first step is getting a thorough insight what has been changed to the packages. Changes can be  (but not limited to) strength, dose regimen, product name.

During an interactive briefing various key-elements will be discussed.

Step 2 ; a structured questionnaire will be developed, correct answers will be predefined, target group will be determined.

Step 3: Fieldwork, 20 face to face interviews(*)

Step 4 in the pack test: Preliminary report with discussion of the results



(*) due to social distancing, preference can be given to an online study.




Key points 

80% of respondents should be able to find the correct section on the package with ease, of whom 80 should be able to understand the provided information correctly.

80% of respondents should be able to pick the correct packages from when displayed in a shelf setting amongst distractor packs.

Qualitative feedback will be rich abundantly be documented in handy categories.   

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